Buying your own home: useful terminology

Here’re a few important terms to familiarise yourself with when buying property.

  • Property area: take careful note of the size of the property in question. The property being purchased doesn’t necessarily match the size of the actual living spaces. A certain percentage of the property corresponds to the net living space, as well as the walls, garden and cellars, balconies, terraces and all covered areas. Make sure you know which property area is being discussed.
  • Energy requirements: in times of energy shortages and rising costs, energy efficiency is a priority when house-buying. In South Tyrol, each property sold receives a KlimaHaus Agency rating, whereby an "A", A+" or "Gold" stands for the highest level of energy efficiency, while "C" onwards less so.
  • Type of construction: it makes no difference if your house is made of wood, brick or concrete. Houses are made from all kinds of materials – each with their respective advantages as well as disadvantages.
  • Conventional housing in South Tyrol.
    Thanks to its special territorial status, the region of South Tyrol has a number of specific regulations governing residential property. A number of restrictions apply to the rental property market, referred to as a "convention", which means social housing. This policy governs the protection of minorities and is intended to support affordable housing in the Province of Bolzano. This type of housing is reserved for persons falling into this category.
    The applicable legislation is: Provincial By-law dated 11th August 1997, No. 13. Provincial Law concerning Regional Planning (Art. 79 - Conventional Housing)

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