Guide to new constructions

If you purchase turnkey property straight from the developer, the uncertainties and stresses of building your own house are minimised. You also have the added advantage of knowing what the final cost will be. This guide is intended to help you make the right decision.

We have several interesting tips and suggestions for you. Take the time to fully consider each point.

What are your lifestyle requirements?

Purchasing a new house should be properly thought out in advance. Ask yourself how and where you’d like to live. You need to give this careful consideration ...

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Buying from a property developer

There are two schools of thought: either plan and build a house yourself, or buy a turnkey property from the developer on a ready-to-occupy basis ...

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Home financing

How to pay for a new home? When purchasing any kind of property, good financial planning is essential.

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Planning a newly-built home

When it comes to a new turnkey property, good planning is vital. You need to think about the quality and functionality, not to mention safety features ...

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The construction phase

If you have any requests for modifications these need to be made as early on as possible, especially if construction is already underway. This will save you time and additional expense ...

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Inspiring ideas for your new home

It’s great being inspired! We’ve collected a few ideas on how to further improve your new home ...

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Factors affecting new buildings

The purchase or construction of a new property involves numerous risks both for the builder and buyer.

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Investing in a new building

Make a safe investment with potentially good yields: new properties can be highly desirable ...

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