Do-It-Yourself? Yes or no?

If you're a reasonably adept DIY boffin, there’s always something to keep you busy around the house. There are various shortcuts to help you make the most of your home, and many are a lot cheaper than you might imagine.

The way you feel when you’re at home, is crucial. Colour-schemes play such an important role, and this is especially noticeable when deciding how to decorate the walls. A splash of colour here, less ostentatious wallpaper there. Much can be achieved with even minor interventions.

Like the colours of the walls, different types of lighting also alter the mood of a living space. To obtain the best results, you may wish to consult with a professional beforehand.

At the outset, find out whether you’re eligible for tax rebates or if you can claim depreciation or state subsidies when renovating your property.

The above advice depends on whether or not you’re a capable DIY craftsman!

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