Rewards: tip-offs for real estate on sale

Do you by any chance know of a property for sale? We’d be very pleased to know about it. Don’t worry, we’ll recognise your contribution in a very tangible way ...

Do you perhaps know through your circle of friends, acquaintances or even relatives of a property for sale, or for leasing? If so, please let us know. If you let us know about a property that’s for sale or being let, we’ll pay you a commission.

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Bonus for Tipsters

Let us know of a property that we can help broker. Once everything is verified, you’ll become an official "Tipster" for Seeber Immobilien. It means that if there’s a sale (or rental), you’ll receive a commission from us.

How does a Tipster earn a commission?

There are certain conditions:

  • The property should be unknown to us and shouldn’t yet be registered in our system
  • The property should not have publicly been put up for sale (i.e. no “for-sale” sign-board, nor ad in a newspaper or on the internet. No auctions either)
  • The property should fall within one of Seeber Immobilien’s areas of operation.

What’s your relation to the seller/renter?
Are you perhaps related to the provider you wish to refer to us? If so, it’s no problem! This doesn’t disqualify you from earning a commission. However, if you yourself are the seller, or his/her life partner, you don’t qualify for a commission.

What happens following your tip-off
First of all, we perform the necessary checks to determine whether or not the property has actually been advertised for sale. We then contact the owner and hopefully conclude an agency agreement. Once we’ve finally managed to sell the property, it's your turn: our generous “tipster” commission is ready to be collected.

How should I know if a there’s property for sale?
There are a number of unmistakable signs that provide some indication as to whether a property in your area is going on sale. Before contacting us, you should first check with the owner/landlord. If it proves to be what it seems, we’ll be very glad to hear from you and we’ll take it from there. Here are some tell-tale signs:   

  • An apartment appears to be empty, and you can only see white walls behind the windows
  • The letterbox is overflowing
  • The snow hasn’t been cleared in a while, and the lawn/garden looks unkempt
  • The owner/landlord confirms that the property is for sale.
  • You notice new surveying activity on a property in the neighbourhood
  • You notice that the property has been uninhabited for a long period of time

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