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Whether you’re interested in a 2-room flat, granny flat, a luxury apartment, loft apartment or penthouse: we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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Finding the right condominium

Owning a condominium can be an important component of personal financial security. Whether it’s the realisation of a lifestyle dream or part of a secure retirement plan.

Buying a condominium as an investment property

Whether it’s for capital investment or personal retirement, residential property should be evaluated in terms of its rentability. When buying a flat, its cost, size, state of repair, location and potential as an investment should be carefully evaluated.

Buying property as a home

When it’s for personal use, the size, layout and type of flat being purchased should fit one’s personal needs and desires. After all, the idea is to choose a personal living space where one feels most at ease. When buying a first home, young couples also need to take family planning into account. In recent years, the choice of energy supply has become an increasingly important factor, which can strongly impact on fixed monthly costs.

Financing a purchased property

When estimating the anticipated monthly charges, the size of the instalments, monthly interest rates and depreciation are likely to affect one’s choice. If the percentage of loan capital is too large, it could place an excessive burden on one’s budget.

Sound financing must always take one’s capital reserves into consideration in respect of maintenance and repair costs, as well as possible future renovations.

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