The 10 most common mistakes made when selling property

Selling a property isn’t easy and most private sellers make mistakes that could have been avoided. These are the most common mistakes:

  • Selling price is unrelated to the market value
    (a professional valuation will provide a market-related price)
  • Not all documents have been properly checked
    (you can only conclude a sale if you’re in possession of all the requisite documents: including verification of possible encumbrances, liens, mortgages, etc.)
  • Inadequate photographic documentation
    (only professional quality photos do justice to your property)
  • No informative and convincing exposé
  • Insufficient advertising budget
    (inadequate marketing hampers sales)
  • Unavailability for viewers/would-be buyers
    (you need to be available at practically anytime)
  • Inadequate verification of prospective buyers’ credibility
    (only by properly evaluating a prospective buyer can you avoid potential problems)
  • Difficulties in verifying a buyer’s creditworthiness
    (only by verifying a prospective buyer’s creditworthiness will you be able to distinguish between time-wasters and authentic buyers)
  • Unprofessional negotiations
    (by coming across as competent and professional during viewings and subsequent negotiations, you’ll have a better chance of success)
  • Registration errors
    (only after following all the necessary procedures leading to a notarised contract of sale, will the deal be fully concluded).

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