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A new building offers a number of advantages to both the property developer and buyer, as can be seen below:

According to EU law, new buildings must comply with minimum energy standards. These regulations not only reduce energy consumption, but also attract higher government subsidies. In South Tyrol, new buildings must be certified by the CasaClima Agency. However, they also necessitate some additional measures, such as the installation of a house ventilation system.

The State and the Province of Südtirol/South Tyrol offer a number of incentives such as tax-depreciation of the construction, especially in cases of inhabited residential homes.

Sounds interesting? We’ll be glad to explain in more detail. Seeber Immobilien GmbH Real Estate Agency are always up to date on matters concerning new real estate.

New houses require less energy than older properties. Seeber Immobilien GmbH Real Estate Agency is able to provide precise data about the energy consumption of your new flat.

How much will heating and hot water cost? What is the price trajectory of domestic electricity? An energy audit performed by qualified specialists in accordance with international standards, will provide the answer to such questions. Energy costs can thus be accurately estimated and analysed.

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