Real Estate Inspection

Seeber Immobilien Real Estate Agency appraises your property as part of its services.

Seeber Immobilien’s inclusive full-service package caters to sellers. The appraisal and valuation of a property based on its location and environs is essential in identifying the target market.

Property valuations are based on various parameters, which determine the sales potential and market price. Other factors, such as the level of development of a location, its surrounding area, potential for future expansion and renovation will all have an impact on the price valuation.

Property valuation:

  • Valuations according to specific criteria
  • Market research
  • Market analysis

Determining rental levels:

  • Determining rental potential
  • Maximizing rental levels
  • Potential for rent increases
  • Effecting increases in rental


Utility charges:

  • Inspection and analysis of existing charges
  • Assessing potential increases in service charges
  • Assessing potential reduction in expenditure

Structural analysis:

  • Options for enlarging the existing construction, including cost estimate
  • Analysing the effects of structural changes on the value of a property
  • Estimating the costs of improvements
  • Possible refurbishments needed to optimize energy consumption
  • Cost/benefit analysis

Financial analysis (on request):

  • Improving and optimising financial instruments
  • Investigating available options and advantages of possible renovations/structural extensions

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