Location and type of building are essential

Building a new property should be a highly considered decision. Where and how does one want to live? Take your time before taking this crucial lifestyle decision.

Before buying new property, you should ask yourself:

  • What? You should be clear about what kind of home you have in mind. Do you want to buy a flat or a house? Maybe with a terrace or balcony? A self-standing property or a semi-detached home? These are factors not only affecting your quality of life, but also the cost.
  • Where? Location plays a central role. Does one need to live in town, in the suburbs or other urban centre? Or would an outlying area be preferable? The need to be closer to one’s workplace or schools make public transport connections a major consideration.
  • How? Purchasing a new construction offers numerous advantages. If you have specific requirements for the layout of your home and need to intervene in various ways, a new construction will be preferable to an existing property.
  • Costs? Energy, water and other utility costs should not be underestimated. Green technologies for greater energy savings are increasingly popular. An older property may be cheaper to buy, but energy consumption is likely to be higher. Find out about the energy consumption of a property in advance.

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