Planning a new construction together with the property developer

Good planning is essential when building a new home. Functionality, safety and cost-efficiency need to be optimally combined.

Before the start of construction, buyers can intervene in the design of the property in various ways:

  • Interior layout: apart from the load-bearing and exterior walls, the interior layout is largely up to the client. Do you prefer more spacious, open-plan rooms? If so, get rid of the partition walls. Do you need a play-room or a study? No problem. It is entirely up to you ...
  • Energy efficiency: in Europe, new buildings must meet specific energy requirements. However, a number of additional measures can be adopted to save energy costs and help safeguard the environment.
  • Security: ‘the times are changing’ – and not always for the better. During the planning phase, clients can opt for basic security measures to make a new home safer.

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