I-39100 Bolzano
Via dei Portici 70
T +39 0471 974812
+39 0471 302301

€ 315.000

Overall area: 93 m²
Living area: 73 m²
Floor: Duplex
Construction year: 2015
Energy Class: B
Rooms: 3
Kitchen: nook
Bathroom: 1 con finestra 1 senza
Basement: No
Balcony: 6 m²
Attic: Yes
Garden: No
Garage: No
Parking space: No
Lift: No
Convenzionato: No
Condition: New
Heating: Holz / Pellet
Heating Type: Zentral
Tires, 3 room apartment
4 Tiers: Three bedroom newly built apartment on 2 levels with 2 balconies and a small roof terrace, south / east facing; Inventory: 2nd floor, 2 bedrooms, bathroom with window, interior stairs to the living area on the top floor with a bathroom, attic. Balcony and small roof terrace

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